What’s going on in the Backyard

BackyardWoodworks.com is about showing you that anyone can create anything.  While 2013-06-30 19.00.38my techniques may not be well defined I like to “Show & Tell” encouraging anyone I can to be creative by showing videos, sharing photos, offering plans, and selling my projects to you.

Checking out my video’s section which will show you the progressions I go through to create each of the different projects and occasionally you will be able to catch my live video stream while in the shop.

If you head to the blog site you will be able to experience my thought processes and share your comments, encouraging me! – Now that’s what I call giving back!

Heading to the Gallery will display various projects I have created throughout my many years in the woodshop which will give you many ideas for your own creations.

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If you are convinced you just don’t have the tools to make these projects and or I’ have made more to share – I’ll be able to offer those items in my shop.